Memories Of

Loved Ones

Capturing the moments of a person’s life is one of the best gifts one can give to a grieving family. For me, losing my Grandmother was one of the most detrimental experiences of my life. I found solace with writing and reflecting on my memories of her. At her funeral, I read a poem that I wrote describing my Grandmother’s life, her interactions with my family, and the mark she left on this world. The words in the poem provided laughter through tears and peace through words. Think of all of the memorable moments with your loved one, write them down, and submit them to me. It will be my goal and privilege to take your words and create a poetic picture that you can keep forever. Memories with loved ones is the gift we have when they are no longer with us, so it will be my honor to help you find the Write Words to heal your heart.

Want to Know Our Process?

We provide our clients with and questionnaire that is then used to created a personalized poem.
Below are examples of how this process works.

Questionnaire Example




Momma, Aunt Dot, Nana

Important people to mention by name:

Alvin (deceased husband)



Words to describe her:

Faithful to family and church, hardworking, virtuous, strong

Important Facts:

Faithful to Rock Springs Baptist Church. married for 70 years, both she and her husband Alvin(deceased) endured long illnesses

Title of Poem or Speech (optional):

A Virtuous Woman

Poem Example

In Loving Memory

Standard Package

Poem Only with 5-8 stanzas.


Premium Package

Poem with 9-15 stanzas